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Payday Loan Horror Stories

Owing payday loan debt is a really bad feeling and many people who get behind on these debts are starting to tell their payday loan horror stories!

When times get tough and easy cash is waved in front of you it is so temping to reach out and take it but little do we realize just how many strings are attached to this innocent grab!

So many people are reporting some very strange actions these companies are using to collect past due payday loan debt and we thought we better start sharing some of this with the general public.

Lets take a look at one of our clients named Kara and listen to one of her payday loan stories.

Kara’s Horror Story

Kara came to us in tears and completely lost as of what to do with her payday loan debt.

She had taken out a $500.00 payday loan to fix her car so she could continue to go to work and one thing lead to another and before long she found herself with 4 payday loans of $500.00 and all her money coming in just barely covering her interest payments every two weeks of $600.00, and this was not even touching the balances of the loans.

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This of course destroyed her checking account and drove up about $1500.00 in overdraft fees and her utilities were getting shut off one after another.

As soon as the checking account started bouncing checks because the payday loan companies kept hitting it for payments she started taking everything and anything she could find of value to the local pawn shops.

These payday loan companies were encouraging here to do this and also asking her to see about taking out a loan at her bank to cover their balances.

They asked her to ask her friends and family if she could borrow money to pay the loans, and they were also calling her employer and her references she used when taking out the loans and being quite candid about why they were calling.

All this on top of the bank calling and threatening to close her account unless she got it back into a positive balance.

Then the electricty and heat were shut off and Kara had taken all she could!

She then made the best decision associated with this financial mess and she called us.

Kara’s Recovery

Helping Kara was top priority for use because she was without heat and electricity and she had kids.

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We quickly called off the wolves as far as the payday loan collectors go by negotiating with them to stop all collection activity and settling on a low bi monthly payment plan on the reduced balance so she could take care of her other debts as soon as possible.

We ended up saving her several thousand dollars in interest and created cash flow for her so she was able to get the bank off her back and get her power and heat back on.

Kara worked really hard for about 4 months and by the end of that time frame she had her checking account active and in good standing, saw her utilities get all caught up and turned back on, and even retrieved most of her property she pawned at the local pawn shop!

Kara will not get any more payday loans in the future and is so happy she got out of this mess without further damage.

Thanks so much Kara for letting us tell your story!


Payday loan debt can add up so fast your head really can take a spin, and before you know it the walls are closing in and you are in real financial trouble.

As long as these loans exist we will be here to help people out of the nightmares of being caught in the payday loan trap.

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if you find yourself in a similar situation we will only a phone call away to help you eliminate your payday loan debt!