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Listing Your Car For The Right Price

When selling your automobile you’ll want to get the highest amount possible for it of course. But that’s easier said than done. One of the ways you can get the most for your used car is to list it for sale for just the right price. But knowing that number might sound downright impossible. Here are some tips to help you list your car for the right price.

Stand Out

If you list your car for $12,999 you will not stand out. In fact, you will look like a dealer rather than an individual. I mean, would someone really give you $13,000 and you give them a dollar back in change? I doubt it. Listing the car for $13,000 also isn’t going to make you stand out. I have another idea instead.

List your car for $12,946. By doing so, people will immediately do a double-take at the price. They will ask themselves, what’s the deal with this weird number and take a second look at your listing. That’s what you want. The more eyeballs on your ad the more potential customers you have.

Don’t Go Too High

One surefire way of turning off customers is by listing your cars’ price far too high. You might think your car that you bought 3 years ago for $10k is worth 8k, but if the research shows it’s selling for $6k, you must adjust your price accordingly.

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If you don’t lower your price to the real current day value of your vehicle you will lose a lot of people who may have been interested, but were turned off immediately by the high price. Don’t think about calling them weeks later and letting them know you’ve lowered your price because they’ve all already moved on.


To know how much to sell your car for, you need to know what it’s currently going for in the market. Here are some places you can check the current value of your car:

  • Kelley Blue Book: To estimate the value of your vehicle, go to Kelley Blue Book (at and answer the simple questions to describe your car. The price the site says will be close to what you will sell it for.
  • com: Another way of getting the current price of your car is by going to Here, regular people like you (as well as dealers) list their cars for sale. You’ll find some that are better than your car, others that are worse, but doing research will give you a good idea of what you should be listing your car for.
  • eBay: Go to eBay Motors and type the year and make of your automobile. Pretend you are a buyer looking for a car to get a peek at what other eBay sellers are listing their car for. To get more results, don’t limit your search to your local area. Instead, do a nation-wide search. The good thing about doing this type of research is that it will show you that there is a demand for your exact car. You will see bids on many of these auctions. You can also do a completed items search so you can see the final price your car has been sold for.
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Go A Few Hundred Higher

You won’t want to list your car’s price with the exact amount you want to get. People will always want to bargain with you. So simply raise the price a few hundred dollars and let them bid you a few hundred dollars.

By lowering your price during negotiations, the buyer will feel that they are getting a good deal, even if they are not. People don’t want to buy anything, especially cars, unless they get a discount, so give it to them and smile all the way to the bank.