Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A320 back to production

It could be infered from the fact that support for a new LCD type was implemented, but I just got confirmation from ChinaChip.


  1. booboo please tell me, how about Dingux to GA330, any plans for release? and since you have a contact with china chip knows of any possible upgrade to the native system? one of the problems and could not save the GBA games, SNES. Thanks Booboo.

  2. Que buena noticia que la a320 vuelva a ser producida!!

    Te hago una pregunta booboo, la Gemei a330 que procesador tiene? Porque recuerdo haber leído por ahí que tiene un micro de 400 mhz, pero en ésta página dice: "CPU possible CC1800 (ARM 11 Processor 600 Mhz Underclocked to 500 Mhz)no concrete info as of yet". En definitiva, de cuanto es? si tengo una a320, se notará la mejoría en una Gemei a330? Gracias de antemano master. Y ánimos con el Dingux para la Gemei.

  3. Booboo you heard the new release of Gemei?
    Gemei the A380 ...
    Good link with some specs of it are here for you to look bye...
    Good luck with Dingux for GEMEI (both the X760 as the A330)

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  6. Hi, I have an A320 on my bench to repair; L2 got destroyed when the owner tried to deal with battery. What is the inductive value of L2, can I get a schematic? Thank you, Doc Ross, Ghostwerks.

    1. Can you provide a picture of the board highlighting the component?

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