Thursday, November 4, 2010

x760+ key mappings

I know I asked this before, but it was loooong ago, and I'd like some more input on the topic. The x760+ has only UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/A/B/X/Y keys, which means START, SELECT, LSHOUDLER, RSHOULDER and HOLD are missing and they'll have to be emulated or I guess some dingux apps out there will not be usable.

The funny thing is that the schematic shows actual HOLD, START and SELECT keys. Incidentally, it also has LSHOULDER and RSHOULDER, but those are available only as test pads (which means someone with enough time could theoretically add them).

So I've though this simple approach:
  • POWER + Y (triangle) = RSHOULDER
None of those combinations will be comfortable to use, but it's better than nothing. I just chose the combinations so they reflect the spatial locations of the corresponding keys in the A320. Will have to increase the reboot/poweroff time when POWER is pressed, otherwise it might be accidentally triggered when using the combos.

Comments welcome.


  1. More Something of this:
    * POWER + X = Select
    * POWER + Y (triangle) = Start
    Because that is also use as shortcut in the games (Or it was just otherwise, x = start and y is select, you have to look into it yourself)
    * POWER + Left = LShoulder
    * POWER + Right = RShoulder

    Looks more appropriate to me!
    Good Luck

  2. think i suggested that about a year ago, but yeah start and select are already like that for emulators for the device.

  3. That makes more sense, sorry for my silly suggestion (note that I haven't used any emulators on the x760+).

  4. Have you got the x760+ version of dingux running?

    Hmm dingux seems inapropriote seeing as only the a320 was sold off to the dingoo company not the x760+.

  5. Taking really long for a x760+ port i just bought a new player the ainol v8000hds using the sc9800 chip, got no idea what the power of this chip is as there is no info on the net with details about it id like to know what frequency it operates at.

  6. @eraldo

    Time is limited, and x760+ LCD works in a much different way than the A320 one.

    There are like a zillion chinese SoC out there, I would only focus on those for which there is info/code available. Not that a linux port cannot be achieved via reverse engineering, but it's simply not worth the effort IMO.

  7. @booboo yeah there are quite alot on these sochipsets but the sc9800 is the newest upgraded from the sc8600, there is info on it but media players it is used in doesnt have any games or applications or any sdk so i couldnt even code anything to find out about the chipset.

    Online info is in chinese but doesnt list the specs of the sc9800 only that it is very powerfull, seems to be a very closed topic with ainol.