Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Electronica 2010

Next week I'm going to electrodisneyla... er... I mean electronica 2010, in Munich. Since there are only direct flights from Valencia on tuesday and saturday, I'll be staying there for more days than I really need to visit the trade fair, so I'll have some spare time. Please let me take the liberty to use this otherwise technical blog to kindly ask for advice on what to do in Munich (besides beers and flash job interviews :-)



  1. in your opinion, so far, what do you recomend? dingoo a330, dingoo a320, gemei x760+ or wait for gemei a330?

  2. Hi,

    you should really go and take an Augustiner Beer.


  3. @Danilo

    My opinion shouldn't be considered for choosing one of these gaming consoles, since I don't really use them for that purpose. In fact, I don't use them for much more than getting linux to run on them (ahem... freak!... ahem). That said, the A320 has a great form factor and construction build, but 32MB is too low. I like the x760+ because the speakers are facing front and the LCD is slightly bigger (but delta type... looks worse than the A320), but also has 32MB RAM. The A330 is basically an A320 with 64MB RAM and I don't own one, but I would stay away from it since you can't expect any real support from the manufacturer (they don't even have the source code to the firmware, they just stole it from ChinaChip). The DA330 is an interesting newcomer, and should be more powerful for emulation, both native and dingux (when available), and the wireless feature is nice too. The only serious drawback that I see as of now is the exposed LCD, but your mileage may vary. And let's not forget the most important point in the whole scenario: ChinaChip seems committed to support linux on the A320 and DA330. They've listened, they deserve our appreciation IMHO.