Monday, November 1, 2010

GA330 specs

I believe there's some confusion on the GA330 specs. As I mentioned in the previous post, I have only preliminary, general, info, but this is what I found out so far (don't take it for granted anyway):
  • CC1800 processor (ARM926 400MHz).
  • 320x240 LCD, slightly larger than the A320 one.
  • 64MB RAM.
  • 2.4 GHz communication module. This is a true radio device and not just a keyboard hack. Enables multiplayer and custom peripherals.
  • USB OTG port, which allows connecting USB devices, but you'll need external +5V power (i.e. a powered hub).
The CC1800 has some nice features: the OMIP seems to be a video decoding coprocessor, and the VPU seems to be some kind of video post processor which can do quick scaling and color conversion before spitting out the data to the LCD.

I would say that the CC1800 CPU core belongs in the same class than the JZ4732 in the A320, however, being an ARM architecture has the advantage of the existing assembly optimized emulation cores. I bet that the VPU will allow a sizeable boost in performance by offloading the color conversion work from the SDL code.

64MB vs. 32MB in the A320 are a big advantage too.


  1. BooBoo from what I was told is it's an ARM 11 processor based off ARM1176JZF-S they also gave me a link to the processor diagram.

    Here is a actual white paper diagram of the processor used inside the A330:

  2. They also stated it was a rebranded telechips 8902/890x Chip

  3. Nope. Word I got straight from ChinaChip is that DA330 is based on the CC1800 and that it is an ARM926 based device clocked at 400MHz (maximum).

    They also have the CC1900 (ARM11 1.2GHz) and the CC2000 will show up in Q1 2011.

  4. hmmmm weird wonder why all the different information on the sales end versus the r&d end of things.

    This is so much fun being a reseller and trying to get proper specs and then finding out they aren't correct thanks BooBoo for the correct ones......

  5. Only 400 mhz? that's disappointing. I expected a processor of at least 500 mhz.

  6. Another bad news for emulation on handheld. ARMv5 is a slow CPU for developing emulators of modern machines like PlayStation or Nintendo64. I think that A330 will be another handheld with the same set of emulators 8 and 16bit.

    I dont understand because GamePark and Gemei launchs a ARMv5 machine like CAANOO and A330 at 2010, I suppose that the only reason is the price but it is a mistake because it will have nothing new.

    Latest smartphones has a ARMv7 like CORTEX-A8 and 1-2 years smartphones has a ARMv6 like ARM1176JZF-S. The past week I tested PCSX4ALL under ODROID-S (ARMv7) and it is aprox x4 more fast than WIZ/CAANOO.


  7. Hola Booboo, tenés alguna novedad acerca de las especificaciones definitivas de la GA330? Especialmente del procesador, sigo teniendo la esperanza que no sea de sólo 400 mhz... saludos amigo.

  8. @Samir

    Nope. Specs remain as initially stated: GA330 is ARM926 @400 MHz. Confirmed again by CC.

    BUT remember: video coprocessor and native ARM assembly emulators will certainly improve emulator performance, and also, there will be ARM11 based consoles soon (A350, A380). No detailed specs on those yet, though.

  9. Hum, now that I think of it.. does a binary for ARM9 run on ARM11? And more important, assembly is the same?

  10. @booboo Thanks for reply booboo!!