Friday, October 1, 2010

A personal note

When I sat to write the previous post didn't initially intend to get into the personal side. However, I felt I sort of owed you some explanation on my sudden disappearance, and besides that, I thought that remembering and summarizing the last year of frantic work would help venting a bit. Now that I read it again I have the feeling that I may have painted a gloomy picture on my job status and short-term future, but that would be a bit untrue, and I don't want anyone to worry about it. So, just to clarify: I'm not worried. If things end up well here where I'm now, fine. If they don't, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find a new job, and in such case I'd really want it to be in another country (so does my wife), so moving abroad is actually an appealing possibility (and to some extent and foreseeing where this country is heading for, I even feel I owe it to my two daughters). And even if it's not that easy to find another job, I have no debt and savings to live on in the meantime.


  1. If you ever come to Brazil, I can indicate you to a job for a company that works with HP :)
    Good luck for your future, anyway if happens.

  2. I'm pretty sure you could just point an interviewer to that previous blog post and they'd hire you on the spot. That was an impressive account of ingenuity and hard work. Congratulations for getting through the hard times, and good luck to your future life!

  3. booboo do you still use your gmail account? Also, what do you think about this device "LETCOOL"? I am willing to donate for this device to run Linux on it. I am sure lot of us willing to donate for this device. Please check this out. Thanks!)/

  4. @z_man3007

    No way. The device is cool, but there is no information at all on the SPMP8000 SoC, and reverse engineering all the peripheals is not an option.

    Remember: with the A320 I started with a working linux port for the JZ4732, and just had to reverse engineer GPIO, some LCD stuff and little more. There were also tools to upload code via USB. Ingenic did already support linux, and later they even released datasheets and programmer's manual for the JZ4732 (it sucked a bit, but was quite complete).

    So, unless we get somehing to start with, either the source code of the firmware or (better yet) the full datasheet and programmer's manual of the SPMP8000 I wouldn't even remotely hope to have linux running on it anytime.

  5. I can offer you an embedded linux job in china. We would like your help to support the telechips tcc8902 soc. My name is Jason. Please email me for the private details.