Thursday, October 22, 2009

New system/toolchain

Quick post. I just uploaded the latest system files and toolchain.

Changes are:
  • Compiled for MIPS32. Previous toolchain release was wrongly compiled again for MIPS I.
  • The whole system (libraries and executables) have been compiled with -O3.
  • Fixed MP3/OGG integer decoding in SDL_mixer.
Now for something completely different: if you are having trouble getting dingux up and running, try the following as suggested by some users:
  • If you can't get the dual-boot installer to start, that is, you see nothing on the A320 screen after successfully running the two usbtool commands, try to unplug then the USB cable. No idea at all what's the problem and how unplugging the cable fixes it, though (I would need such an A320 and attach a serial console).
  • If, after installing the dual-boot, you cannot get dingux running, try to do a complete FAT32 format of your card (with ot without partition, dingux now supports both), and then copy zImage and rootfs before anything else. There might be some problem in u-boot-1.1.6 preventing it from reading FAT32 files in some circumstances, though I tried to fix it by backporting code from the latest u-boot.