Friday, September 4, 2009

Gemei x760+ (UPDATED)

As mentioned in the preceeding post, the Gemei x760+ arrived from DealExtreme yesterday. Fridays use to be a bit frenzy at work but a while ago I could finally take a break and dissect it.

At a glance:
  • Very sturdy feel.
  • Shorter but wider and thicker than the A320.
  • Smaller battery than A320 (you'll see the internals later), should mean shorter battery life.
  • I'm not a gamer myself, but the gaming controls of the A320 are much better. In the x760+ you touch the rubber pad, while the A320 has hard plastic caps/cross over it.
  • No on/off switch.
  • Large SD/MMC card slot, maybe more convenient than miniSD in the A320.
  • Seems not to charge from USB, which is certainly quite inconvenient. Has a separate power port, which is +5V like USB, so I just can't understand this design decission.
It came uncharged, so I can't at the moment comment on the LCD quality. Size is obviously the same.

Here are a couple of pictures so you can compare sizes:

Splitting it open was a bit hard. You must remove the four tiny screws from the sides and then pry it open carefully. The plastic snaps that hold it together fit extremelly well, so I would say it is almost impossible to open it without breaking at least a couple of them. If you want to do it anyway, I'll soon make available the full set of pictures where you see where they're located before opening. That should increase your chances. I haven't put it back together yet, so I don't know how the couple of broken snaps affect the body integrity, but I bet it's almost unnoticeable.

In the following picture you can see the circuit board with better detail. The test point 1 is highlighted, and it is the serial console transmit signal (3.3V). I had a hard time finding it because as opposed to all the other test pads, this one has solder on it and this does not have the typical golden appearance:

Once you remove the internal screws, you gain access to the other side of the board where the LCD is located. Note that as opposed to the A320 where the LCD is soldered, here the LCD has a connector and thus can be easily removed:

This should be the LCD model (some clues on it too in the hidded diagnostics screen of the firmware). Haven't even googled for the LCD model yet:

Finally, once the LCD is removed, this is what you see on the back of the PCB:

The highlighted test point 2 is my best suspect for the serial console receive signal, but this is yet to be confirmed.

For the curious, this is the serial console output seen on the serial console transmit signal during a normal boot:

NAND Booting...ECD755B6..
loader size = 0x00050CA0
NAND Loading...
get ccpmp_config ok!!!
ccpmp_config.firmware_name = GM760P.HXF. ccpmp_config.update_key = 123, ccpmp_config.lcm.width = 320, ccpmp_config.lcm.height = 240.
loader normal mode...
Creating ftl device...
id:EC D7 55 B6 78
id:00 00 00 00 00
id:00 00 00 00 00
id:00 00 00 00 00
usb_connect = 1
into lcd_init.
into rgb_lcd_init.
into rgb_user_init.
into rgb_lcd_mode_init.
out rgb_lcd_mode_init.
rgb_user_init ok!!!
out rgb_lcd_init.
Start decode...
OK 153601.
out lcd_init.
get_lcd_brightness -- value = 3.
00000525:1.00000535:1.000003C4:1.len is 0x 500000
os_len = 0x 26c3a0. checksum = 0x0b3a8155.
0000243C:1.ret = 1
Run image...

c_main enter------!!
kseg init OK!
new loader, system config ok!
intc init OK!
intc lib OK!

the os is start

UPDATE: as Douglas points out in the comments, the x760+ does charge through USB and does have a power button with functionality similar to the A320 power slider.


  1. Hi Booboo. Since the Dingux development, I dont find any technical information about the Gemei LCD (X760+). I hope you have better luck than me. The Gemei X760+ also no have the "L", "R", "Select" and "Start" buttons. I will send to you the Gemei LCD driver (inside unbricker) by e-mail. Thanks. Cheers!

  2. Booboo, some observations about Gemei X760+:

    1- The Gemei X760+ life battery ins't short than A320. Actually, the battery can power X760+ for until 6 hours playng games or watching movies.

    2- The Gemei CAN charge by USB OR by power supply.

    3- The Gemei X760+ don't have on/off button like A320, but has power/play button with the same function.


  3. Wow, Good stuff, and Welcome Home!

  4. hey dingux guy, there is more people that have this problem! i sent you a email about the firmware failure of dingux install i did on my second dingoo. go to this forum website on look at the pictures !

  5. Did you pay any customs tax / VAT for the package? I also live in the EU and I am curious about the taxes when ordering from Hong Kong.

  6. @herring: in general if you do not use "EMS" shipping but the slow (standard) shipping - wich is actually quite fast, a day or 4 - packages go trough seen they send it in standard enveloppes. It's however always a gamble, some get caught, some not. Ordering during the holliday's helps due reduced staffing @ customs. In belgium the minimum you need to pay extra is 10 euro. Choosing the "remove DX logo" also helps a bit .

  7. I see, thank you very much for the info.

  8. Booboo, some people are having trouble,installing DualBoot will cause an error:

    "Flash write failed, you will most likely have to do a full firmware restore, sorry. Please report this failure."

    Please refer to this thread:

  9. The external 5v is probably because the charging circuit needs more current than what the USB rails can supply. Just like UTstarcomm mobile phones; require a plugin charger with a higher current supply.