Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gemei x760+ is here

Ordered from trustworthy DealExtreme, just arrived. Can't believe it after such an oddisey with MP4nation.

Review, pictures and disassembly tomorrow.

BTW, DealExtreme just added this to their catalog, and added this a few days ago too.

First is from JXD, second is from Benss. No hardware info whatsoever, but with 8GB of internal flash, 4.3" LCD and integrated cámera, they both offer a good bang for the buck. Let's wait and see if details on the hardware emerge in the next weeks...


  1. Finally. I can't wait for first results. Thanks Booboo!

  2. Thanks a lot BooBoo. Linux at least!

  3. About the two devices, judging on the UI they looks like a couple of "common" Rockchip-based players. One of them has already been spotted and discussed on dingoo-scene blog, giving him a friendly name of "ugly bastard son of the psp" for obvious reasons. Apart the wide (4.3") screen I can't see anything interesting in it (aka some kind of modding capability or extremely useful functions), but consider that I'm not a gamer! I'd rather buy a refurbished NDSlite instead, that DX is selling at the moment for about 90$, and definitively worth the price.

  4. Booboo´s back! :D Hope you had nice holidays. ^^

  5. @booboo
    You should check this:

  6. Im happy now, booboo!
    I have a Dingoo, but I felt sorry for my brazilians counterparts who have a Gemei. They have an active community, and they will need versions of emulators optmized for Gemei (because the lack of shoulder buttons) but they need you first to make this possible.

    Keep your excellent work!

    On a side note, Ingenic put a newer version of theirs linux kernel in their site. Are you going to see it ?

  7. Ahhh an update on the x760+, cant wait to see some results, good luck and have fun booboo and of course welcome back.

  8. I did by the 2GB MP5 player mainly to be used by the kid for watching movies and this works very well on the 4.3" display.

    Playing games however does not work nearly as well as on the Dingoo, mainly because of the flimsy buttons and as I feel a delay in the control, the analog stick (actually digital on the MP5) works slightly better. Still games are barely playable :(

    So as a gaming platform it's not worth the effort (unless the fix the buttons and delay)

  9. Hi Booboo okay? Please could you post a new story about Linux on Gemei X760+

  10. For those 4.3" players. I bought one a while ago and its not Rockchip based but has a Sunplus SPMP8000 ARM9 with DSP (Ceva-X/MM2000) and 32Megs DDR. The ARM runs at 243MHz the firmware is eCOS(+Redboot)+Microwindows based and quite lame.
    You can find some interesting stories here: ->MP5 and I did a little DOOM port ( I also started porting linux but thats even far from a serial console. Here is some code: