Saturday, August 15, 2009

MP4nation still sucking big time (UPDATED)

This is copy of an email I just sent to I also opened another ticket.

The x760+ was clearly marked as "on stock" when I placed the order (otherwise I would have placed it somewhere else), but ok, I can accept the x760+ was actually backordered. But customer support is just pulling my leg: every and each time I've opened a ticket they just reply that the item will ship in a couple of days.

This. Sucks. Big. Time. Stay away from MP4nation.

Hope at least I get the money back. To those who donated the money to get dingux running on the x760+, all I can say is that this is out of my control. Sorry.


1- I placed order #18466 on jun 25 (almost two months ago).

2- After 20 days I opened ticket #736735, and this was the reply:

"I am sorry for the delay and the inconvenience caused, the item (or items) you had ordered became backordered. However it is now back in stock and your order is to be processed and sent within the next 2 working days."

3- After 30 days I opened ticket #955719 asking for immediate shipment or immediate refund, and this was the reply:

"Your order will be sent by EMS on Friday to you, it should arrive by Tuesday to you. We are sorry for the delay."

So far, the order is still "processing". Every time I contact customer support they reply that my order will ship in a couple of days. At this point, after two months, I just want the money back.

UPDATE: MP4nation has finally refunded the payment. Ordering from dealextreme. I was a bit pissed off by them selling an item not in stock while clearly marked as "in stock", but what is truly inacceptable are lies about restock and immediate shipping. I could have got the money back one month ago.


  1. Hi Booboo
    They do sound like they've sucked big time ... however, it could be fate as Dealextreme started selling these today!


  2. Wait for the mp4 or buy in

  3. i was told by the main guy at mp4nation they they have NO x760+ console in stock and that the makers had stopped creation for the time being so why the f**k they are telling you it will sent to you soon is beyond me because this is a blatent lie.

  4. Perhaps you could try , i googled it and saw they sell the gemei x760+ for $118 ... rip off. also sell the gemei x760+ for $95 sell it for $82.

    Good luck, and this has also put me off shopping at mp4 nation ever again.

    (posted this in the other but i dont suppose you saw it)

  5. Booboo, you will find the Gemei X760+ in DealExtreme at:

    I see it today.

  6. slightly cheaper at but as long as i see linux on the x760+ i dont care where its from, i take it mp4nation has given you a refund?

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  8. Maybe you should've waited for the new and powerful white hope:

    The Gemei X-760 H

  9. Dealextreme may do a similar thing.
    "in stock" simply means "available to order"
    However, I've ordered from them many times and you WILL get it. However long it takes is another story, though.

  10. can you make a hack in RMVB MP8000(PSP CLONE)that can play a LINUX in this player???

    i think the Dingoo and RMVB MP8000(PSP CLONE) has the same Chipset Speed and about this Mp4 Player it can play any kind of Games like NES,SNES,SEGA,MAME,CPS2,CPS1 some 3d games..good video player and with Camera

    and of course it's very cheap

    just type the "PSP clone" in youtube


  11. the psp clone does not have a JZ chip .... how are a the same if they have the same chipset speed?

  12. Similar experiences with MP4nation. This is NOT an incident!

  13. do you know if the RMVB MP8000 can somehow play C64 roms?

  14. If you ever look closely at their website, you'll find that there are mistakes all over the place. Plus razz doing the youtube videos makes mistakes and gives incorrect info all the time. You could also try ownta or houseofdap.

  15. I'm having the same issues. They are lying fuckers.
    after 6 weeks i get the same bullshit emails."I am sorry for the delay and the inconvenience caused, the item (or items) you had ordered became backordered. However it is now back in stock and your order is to be processed and sent within the next 2 working days."


  16. I'm one of the victim!!! Pool support from mp4nation!