Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New A320 arrived

Today I went back home and picked up the package from Hong Kong. It's the A320 I purchased (with your generous donations, thanks againg), and it's got, as expected, the newer ILI9331 LCD controller.

I'll be dissecting it and adding the serial console connector tomorrow. As I did with the first A320, I'll shot a lot of photos and post a report.

For you guys waiting for the gemei x760+ support, I am sorry to report that I've checked with MP4nation and my order is still "processing". Hasn't even been shipped!!!. I just opened a ticket, let's see how is their customer support.

UPDATE: got reply from MP4nation:

I am sorry for the delay and the inconvenience caused, the item (or items) you had ordered became backordered. However it is now back in stock and your order is to be processed and sent within the next 2 working days.

Again we are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

So, assuming they finally ship it in a couple of days, and knowing how snail mail works here, I don't expect to be able to start working on the Gemei x760+ until first or second week of august. Sorry.


  1. Waiting 4 gemei x760+ support.. =(

  2. grrr god dam mp4 nation, iv been checking here everyday expecting some news that youv got it working, heh guess ill have to keep dreaming for some time longer.

  3. So far no reply from MP4nation...

  4. Focus on the Dingoo :P!

    It's awesome how fast you are with updates :)!

  5. How can you check which LCD you have?

  6. @Lagmanh

    You can detect what model LCD you have by going into the About screen in System Setup. Then you have to press the following:

    up, right, down, up, right, down.

    The string containing the LCD model number will appear on this hidden white screen under "LCD MODULE"

    The first LCD model was ILI9325. At the time of writing the latest one is ILI9331 (which I happen to have).

    Hope this helps.

  7. Go apologize for my bad English. But please Weácan module LCM_FAIR_ILI9331_3 and ILI9331 is the same thing?