Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MP4nation sucks

I placed an order for a Gemei x760+ more than a month ago. When the order was placed the x760+ was shown as in stock (otherwise I would have sourced it from somewhere else). I opened a ticked ten days ago and they answered that it would be shipping in a couple of days. My order still shows as "processing" and I've opened another ticket asking for immediate shipment or refund.

I'm sorry for those that donated to purchase the x760+ and get Dingux support for it, but this is way out of my control. If I end up getting and refund, can you suggest a trustworthy place to order?.


  1. I'm sure if you contact the owner, he'll help you out; try admin@
    I purchased my Onda VX747 there without any problems.

  2. Never dealt with MP4nation, but for dealextreme you just have to sit out and wait... can be long and a month is not uncommon. "in stock" means for a lot of HK things in stock @ their supplier, not that they have stock...

  3. Perhaps you could try , i googled it and saw they sell the gemei x760+ for $118 ... rip off. also sell the gemei x760+ for $95 sell it for $82.

    Good luck, and this has also put me off shopping at mp4 nation ever again.

  4. going to try them?, going to quit dev on the x760+? whats happening?