Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You made it!... ordering a newer LCD A320

Thank you all for your donations. There's enough money now to order one of the newer A320 with the ILI9331 LCD controller. Next purchase target is a Gemei x760+ whose hardware is believed to be almost identical to the A320, most notable exception being probably the LCD.

As you know, there's no way I can assure I will be getting one of the newer A320, which is a must if I want to properly develop and test the hardware support for the ILI9331 LCD controller. So, in order to maximize chances of getting the newer A320, I'd like to make a little poll: please leave a comment telling where you purchased your A320, the approximate purchase date, the color (important!) and the hidden system information screen (so I know which LCD model it has, see step 1 of this entry).


  1. Hey booboo,

    I purchased mine 1.5 weeks ago from DealExtreme. The main point is it's WHITE, from what I've heard the Black models being shipped still have the old LCD controller. The hidden info is in my other post, but for convenience:
    VENDOR ID: 0x 1be1369.
    SDRAM ??!
    LOADER SUM: 0x 90614d.
    OS SUM: 0x a2d458f.
    OS??: Apr 29 2009 15:32:00
    ????: 255000.

    Best of luck!

  2. Hey Booboo, maybe an idea to ask Craigix if he will getting a new shipment and ask him to check if they are deliverd? Even if it would take a bit more time, it might reduce the chance of getting a wrong one?

  3. Ordered mine from DX on 05/20/09, a white one. Seems that I got an "old" version. Here's the info:

    VENDOR ID: 0x 1be1369
    SDRAM: ??
    LOADER SUM: 0x 90614d
    OS SUM: 0x a232c05
    OS: Dec 20 2008 14:47:25
    ??: 241171

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. Yeah!... great idea... purchasing from UK could be a bit more expensive but defintely worth if I'm sure I'm getting the new LCD model. And I'm pretty sure CraigX will be willing to help.

    What would be the best way to contact him?

  5. I think the best way is to post a new thread at the gp32x.com forums.

  6. Or on the "other" formum: http://forum.openhandhelds.org/viewforum.php?f=35 :)

  7. i purchased mine (white) from dealextreme on may 14, and it left DX on may 22. it has the new LCD controller (ILI9331). if for some reason you're unable to get one, i'd be willing to sell mine to you.

  8. I purchased mine from dealextreme on 05/16 and it left on 05/20. It has the new LCD controller (9331).

  9. I wonder how the new LCD will fit in now. Will there be a special installation for those with the new LCD controllers?

  10. The best would be the framebuffer code detecting the LCD model and performing the appropriate initialization sequence. However, that might be unfeasible, and anyway I'll need to have a second A320 with the new LCD in order to implement and test it.

    Meanwhile, I'll be releasing two kernel images.