Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You made it! (again)... ordering a Gemei x760+

Thank you all your support, encouragement, and donations.

There's now enough donated money so I'm ordering a Gemei x760+ and will start working on it as soon as I get my hands on it.

My A320 so far has given me maybe a hundred hours of fun, but isn't it weird only two of them were actually listening to music, playing videos or playing games?.


  1. It is not weird. I often say that programming or configuring a game/software is much more fun compared even with using it! :)

  2. Great news for we, X760+ owners. Thank you, Booboo!

  3. Hey, I have just one important question if you don't mind.

    Do you know the importance of your work?

    I mean, Lingoox when it's released will be some sort of rebirth for the Dingoo. It will make a brand new console out of it, an even larger community will grow and maybe countless of games and applications will be developped on Lingoox.

    Perhaps the manufacturers will even reconsider their plans and sell Dingoos with Lingoox preinstalled.

    And there's only one man responsible for all this: you.

    Are you aware of that?

  4. @Nhut

    Well, you might be putting me a bit too high. As the quote from Newton says, I reached this far because a lot of people worked on the linux kernel, including Ingenic. I just made the reverse engineering and little improvements here and there to get it working on the A320.

    Anyway, lingoox is still far from being a viable replacement. I have the hope that as it gains momentum, at some point Dingoo will realize how much they have to win and release info about the hardware that would make my work much easier.

  5. I just found something interesting, it's a blog about using openmoko on a chinese mobile called Pi, which happens to use Ingenic JZ4740, seems to have some interesting stuff going on. http://www.openmobilefree.net/

  6. Because of Lingoox, I actually understand some of the stuff on that openmobilefree site. It's really interesting.

  7. You have new noticies ask x760+?

  8. The word Lingoox, sounds bad to me...

    Mainly because I take offense to the racial slur that is implied by "...goox"

  9. Its actually gook not goox pronounced totally differently so please don't take offence to the name he chose

  10. Gooks is pronounced totally differently then Goox?

    News to me, and everyone else in the English speaking world.

  11. As a non-native english speaker (like booboo) I had no clue what you guy's are reffering to...(but wikipedia helped...)

    I think you can come up with a lot of stuff that's "offencive" for someone in a certain language, let alone the stuff in for example english that's totally silly "sounding" for a dutch speaking (or - insert any other language here -).

    And I would pronounce lingoox as "lingo-ix" not "lin-gooks" - with "ook" as in "cook"

  12. Anyone else thinks that lingoox sounds offesive?

    I don't mind changing it... but it must be done now because I'll be releasing the dual boot stuff very soon and there's a lingoox logo shown during the boot...

    Seriously, I don't mind changing it, just want to be sure it is a real problem.

  13. I didn't find it offensive, but I certainly read it as lin-goox and made the association.

    Hyphenate, baby!


  14. I have always pushed (but Booboo was too modest) for this to be called Booboo Linux He deserves this 100%

    Given that the Dingoo comes from China, the nme Lingoox, connotations and all is highly ironic!:)