Friday, June 26, 2009

Uninstall capability added to dual-boot installer

As before, get it from the google code project page here.

This is a quick release for those experiencing problems. Doing a full firmware restore takes time and will erase your files, so I though it would be relatively easy to add uninstall capability to the dual-boot installer. The instructions to boot the installer are the same, but the installation menu now allows you to choose between flashing dual-boot or original firmware.

  • The problem of original firmware running slow is not fixed.
  • The restoration is done by flashing the original 8K of SPL code. But this is the SPL taken from my A320 after restoration of original firmware v1.1. I'm almost sure this code is the same for all A320s out there, but obviously I cannot test it. Please report success (or failure).
Regarding the slowness problem, I can't reproduce it in my A320. However, I have an hypotesis: people have reported that despite the slowness of the original firmware, emulators run ok and LCD tearing and other artifacts are less evident or have vanished. The dual boot SPL initializes the LCD and shows a splash screen. The original SPL does not do it and maybe the original firmware detects that the LCD is already initialized and doesn't do it again, leaving the initial configuration, in particular the pixel clock. I used a 16MHz pixel clock which results in a high refresh rate which could be alleviating LCD artifacts during emulation, but for some reason the menu application chokes on that.

I'm going to send modified versions of the dual-boot SPL to people that has reported the slowness problem. If the LCD initialization is the problem, I can skip it when booting into the original firmware.

Please be patient, keep in mind that I cannot reproduce the problem in my A320 and that makes things difficult. The newer A320 with the ILI9331 LCD is on its way from DX, but I bet it won't be here before a week or so.


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  2. Seen the flash tools and other stuff are a bit everywhere, I made a nice zip file that has the flash tool, readme, the files for both lcd versions, 3 firmware versions, the needed USB drivers and the default emulators and system directory. I hope it's useful for someone.