Thursday, June 25, 2009


Some people have reported that the original firmware (at least the menu) runs slower. I would like to get as much information as possible about this problem, so if you have noticed something, send me an email ("About Me" ---> "View my complete profile") with a description as complete as possible: description of the problem, firmware version, everything in the "About" screen and the hidden system info screen, etc. Even a video showing the problem would help.

If you want to remove the dual-boot, you can do it by doing a full firmware restore. Google for the unbricking tools. Remember that you'll lose all your stored files, so backup them before restoring.

I just can't think of a feasible reason for the slowness: the dual boot SPL mimics the hardware initialization of the original firmware up to the last operation, most notably the CPU and peripheal clocks. But I might have missed something...

So, please report and document as completely as possible the problem and I'll look in to it as time permits.


  1. Send trough email. the DingooBench_v01 gives the normal 3720/3730 values...
    I wonder if the people who have this are using the "customized" firmwares of dingoo-digital.
    Can people who do NOT have the problem also report this, with at least used LCD model and used firmware?

  2. Custom FW 1.03TD3 + ILI9325 + DualBoot
    DingooBench : 3724

  3. My Dingoo goes slower too. I have the original firmware 1.03 + ILI9325. Dingoobench: 3724.

  4. I don't know if is really what you are experiencing, anyway I just noticed a small delay time when vertical shifting into menu. Black dingoo + original fw 1.03 + ILI9325.

  5. Tested flash back to original FW 1.03 (unbrick tool) removing dual boot for my ILI9325 dingo, menu is more snappier... Megadrive emulator is also faster, but screen tearing.
    added dualboot, back slower menu and emulator has a lot less screen issues (very visible in sonic 1) but a tad slower (and sonic2 loses sound for some reason..).

    Tested agian with hacked 1.03TD-3 firware, same things.

    So while this seams to impact stuff, the overall megadrive emulation "experiance" is better for my taste (don't play GBA much, not tested), hence i'm not complaining to much.

    but it's bizarre.
    The thing I said about playing video's in previous update is a mistake, might have a little impact but may be more imagination then something else...

  6. One more piece of information that might be useful: when I connect my Dingoo to external power, it's very fast again. When I disconnect the power, it goes back to 'slow mode'.

  7. The overclocker behaves that way too, doesn't it? Maybe, somehow, the firmware is running at the wrong clockspeed and plugging it in corrects it!

  8. Me too, slow down. firmware 1.03 LCD- ILI9325
    And I didn't boot linux. I installed USB boot in Window Xp

  9. firmware 1.03 LCD- ILI9325 - horizontal menu scrolling, menu items are visibly redrawing (circle around Icons take a while)

    Confirmed, plug power in and the issue dissapears

  10. Tried overclkocing mine at 400MHz but seems slower too. I expecially notice it using a video that in the past periodically lagged a bit. Now it stops for almost half a second. I don't use much emulators so i can only say that super mario on nes, and GT2advance work well and that's enough for me!

  11. Plugging in power makes the slow menu issue disappear.

    But it doesn't get rid of the beneficial sideeffect: the megadrive emulator screen tearing is still gone!

    So there seems to be two separate issues here.