Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick update

Sorry for the slow updates. I've had to deal with lots of unexpected trouble during testing of dual-boot, plus school finished recently and thus my two daughters require more attention.

I appreciate your support very much and I know you're all holding your breath for the dual-boot functionality, so, please excuse me for the delay.

This is what's been done:
  • Dual boot code has been moved from U-Boot to the SPL: removes tiny delay introduced when booting the original firmware.
  • LCD support implemented both in SPL and U-Boot (both ILI9325 and ILI9331). The LCD now goes live immediately on bootup, which is great when loading linux because otherwise you would see a black LCD for a couple of seconds until the kernel framebuffer driver kicks in, and it is a bit confusing.
  • Implemented access to the SPL area (first eraseblock of NAND) in the linux kernel. This allows flashing the dual-boot binaries from linux.
  • Streamlined the flashing of the dual-boot binaries from linux.
This is what needs to be done:
  • Add a simple dialog that shows a disclaimer and asks for confirmation before flashing the dual-boot binaries.
That is very easy and I just need a couple of hours to do it, so I can assure there will be a release tomorrow or the day past tomorrow.

One final note: someone posted a comment pointing out that lingoox might sound a bit offensive in some contexts. If this is a problem we're on time to change it... so please let me know.


  1. The name being offensive is probably because you're thinking it's "Lingoo-X" in pronounciation, but it looks like it's pronounced "lin-gooks". "Gook" is a very offensive term for asians - so I can see where they're coming from.

  2. I just realized that it sounds that way. I like the way Lingoo-X sounds though.

  3. My english is not bad, but pronounciation subtleties like these are just beyond me.

    I don't think anyone would have though I intended to offend, but as I said we're still on time and I'm willing to say goodbye to the tiny money invested in registering the domain.

    What about "dingux" or "lingux" ?.

  4. Both suggestions end up the same, "gooks", Dinlux ommits it, but sound weird, i would personally leave it as it is.

  5. Thanks for the update. I have to admit I have been checking more than ten times a day for a update :) Don't rush it, we all appreciate the time you are putting into this.

    On the name part, I like Lingoox, but if it's offensive for a lot of people, it might be good to look at other names. How about DinGNU, Lingoo, Lingoontoo, Dingoontoo, Dinguntu (al derived from Ubuntu of course), Xingoo... etc :)

  6. Personally, I don't find it offensive - there's no intent for it to be so, it's just people will complain whenever they can. :P

    why not jzLinux, since this is not just for the Dingoo? Lingoo is not bad. Or you could save the domain registry fees, and just spell it Lingoo-X. (which kinda sounds like some Power Rangers character!)

    Ultimately, it doesn't really matter.

  7. jzLinux sounds good for me, too!

  8. Dingoo-Linux seems the obvious choice to me, leaves no guesswork as to what it is, but I dunno if there would be any copyright issues.
    Otherwise the name isn't offensive in the way it's spelled so I wouldn't bother about it, people who get offended to easily deserve it.

  9. Besides all the name worries, i have to say, that i really appreciate the work, you put into this.
    PS: I like Dinguntu ^^

  10. i think you should leave the name as is. You never meant it to offend anyone, and if they find it offensive, they have a back button on their browsers.

  11. Linux+Dingoo=Lingoo
    Dingoo+Linux=Dinux ^^

    There's a lot of name
    DinGNU, Lingoontoo, Dingoontoo, Dinguntu, Xingoo, jzLinux, Lidinux, Dilinux, Ligonux, Lingoo-X, Dingoo-Linux, Booboonux, JinuZ, ...

    I like Simply Lingoo

  12. Great work. I am not a linux guy myself so I don't fully know all that this will bring, but I assume it will open the Dingoo up a whole bunch. As well, if it brings about a better music player...fantastic!

    Regarding the name, how about simply "Lingoo"??


  13. I'm italian, so I can't understand the issue with asian, anyway I think "Lingoo" wouldn't be bad. But I have my own suggestion that would probabilly please Stallman: "DinGNU"... in the end even if we will use the linux kernel most of the work will be done using GNU tools (see gcc).

  14. OH god! ironic already said that!

  15. Great update. I cant wait for X760+ Linux.

    About the name: Valinux (Valencia/Spain, Booboo's place), jZinux, DingTux, Ignux (Ignacio+Linux), oh, I going beyond now, eh? :)

  16. Lignux?
    I would't be bothered, it's like said not mean to be offensive in anyway.
    Lingoo-X sounds very fine to me...


  17. I personally think that Lingoo has a nice ring to it.

    Also, Thanks so much for all the work and hours you've put into this, I'm sure everyone here finds your work amazingly helpful.

    Oh and someone asked for a better music player, someone is working on a port of Gmu to Dingoo Linux, so that should have you covered(more info on the forums, look in the intro section).

  18. If we want to target a larger audience than only the computer freaks, we should not refer to Linux in the name at all... And if we want to avoid being pinned to the Dingoo device (its name is copyrighted), we should not refer to Dingoo neither. So maybe we should just choose a good sounding name that can stand next to DS, PSP, Wii, XBox, iPOD....

    Well, if you insist on using Linux or Dingoo in the name, I would suggest Dix (Dingoo Linux) or Fux (Fun Linux). Nothing offensive about those names, I guess.

  19. I almost fell for that, Master...

  20. LingooX seems fine, just think off gp32X ^^

  21. DingOS sounds suspiciously close to "Dingus" - google it:)

    I still say Booboo Linux, but if Booboo would rather not, what about Yogi Linux? This is on the basis that: 1. Yogi Bear is Booboo's closest pal (and so, we can all laugh at the in joke in years to come) and 2. Booboo is our Guru en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yogi !

  22. I am sorry that I said it offended me.

    I just think that an asian import being called Lin-"Gooks" is pretty offensive, and why would you want to offend would be contributers?

    I personally like DinGNU and Lingoo the best. Anything related to ubuntu sounds silly to me.

    Just my 2 cents, sorry I caused a controversy.

  23. Just ran to the next electro shop and got a SD-Card.
    Ready! ;)

    Considering the name, my faves so far are "DingOS" or "LingOS".

    Can you tell me if dual-boot will be possible between Linux and the modified firmware from Team Dingoo as well? (sorry if that sounds stupid, but i my knowledge in hardware issues is near zero)

  24. And what about the Gemei?
    Would we call it "GemOS"
    or would we call it "GemLin" :P
    or "Gemei Linux" or "OpenGemei" or "Dingei" combining Linux for DINGOO and for GEMEI.

    Personnally i Like GemOS very much. Does not sound too much Gemei an is it bit like a Gem Stone :P
    Already thinking of an logo :P

  25. BooBoo, shoot me an email (consequence9@gmail.com) & we'll (Dingoo-Scene) setup a poll for the community to vote on a name. Just include what options you'd find acceptable & we'll get on it. I can also work with you to design a logo/splash/bootscreen once a name is chosen. It's the least I can do, and if you ever need anything else don't hesitate to let me know! =D


  26. I like how "Booboo Linux" sounds.

  27. First of all i can only say THANKS. Thanks for all your work than means much for all Dingoo users. About the name i´d like "DIX!" or "LINGOO". You´re great man!

  28. if you're not intelligent enough to realise there is obviously no racial slur insinuated with the name of dingoos new OS then i suggest you stick with the stock OS and stfu.

  29. oh and i might as well say it here since booboo may read it... cant thank you enough for the time and effort you're putting into this thing man. im eagerly anticipating the release!

  30. Perhaps we can call it Pingoo (like Pingu) , after that adorable penguin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pingu)

  31. @ gibberoids:

    Listen, the problem isn't that I personally am offended. Or very many people are being offended.

    But what if one person is offended, and they choose not to support Dingoo Linux. Why would you want that to happen?

    When you are designing a product name, or logo, or anything, and you are putting it into an open community, you want to be as positive as possible.