Monday, June 8, 2009

New kernel binaries

I've commited some stuff to the repository:
  • Added README-A320.
  • Added support for ILI9331 LCD controller found in newer A320.
  • Make IPU memory reservation optional (and default disabled). Saves 4MB of memory and anyway it's too soon to start working on mplayer for dingoo-linux. If you really need it, just enable it (see README-A320).
  • Default enable CPU frequency scaling. JUST ENABLE IT, untested and anyway you can only REDUCE the CPU speed. Will start working on make this usable and be able to squeeze until the last MHz out of the A320.
And also have placed a couple of kernel binaries in google code downloads section. For now, you must choose the one suitable for your LCD type. When I get my hands on one of the newer A320 models I'll try to implement autodetection.

Still using OSS. It's buggy and uses a crazy amount of memory, but so far it works if you stick to the S16 sample format.

I'm making some progress on dual boot. At least it's now clear to me the only way to go is to completely reverse engineer the original firmware SPL and patch it to load u-boot from a different NAND location if SELECT is pressed. The approach of chainloading the original SPL has proven to ve a dead-end so far.

UPDATE: after too much lost sleep, I've finished disasemblying and understanding how the original firmware SPL works and I think I know now where and how to place things to properly tap into the original firmware boot process. Since I got u-boot working weeks ago, we should have dual boot working shortly.


  1. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into the linux build. I know my donation went to a well deserving individual. You rock

  2. Glad to hear about the dual boot, thanks for all your hard work!

  3. thanks for your hard work.
    I ran into an issue runnin latest kernel with google code rootfs, it boots up fine but when i try to log in trhough terminal, it give me a "unable to open COM9" on windows, and on the dingoo it says "gs_setup: set_line_coding unuspported, gs_setup: set_control_line_state unuspported"
    Any idea ? (the unuspported typo is actually what appears on dingoo"

  4. No changes were made to the serial gadget function (neither in kernel nor in rootfs). The messages you're getting on the dingoo are normal.