Sunday, June 14, 2009

Keyboard driver rewritten

Dual boot required a working way to reboot linux and get back to the original firmware, so I set out to implement that functionality into the keyboard driver, and noticed I should be using the input-polldev code rather than the original approach, so I ended up rewriting the driver (and learning in the process quite a lot about the linux input layer).

The normal keyboard map hasn't changed (mimics the GP2X), but now there are special combinations that use POWER and START. I've tried to come up with a clever set of combinations, but I'm always thinking I might be missing something important, so I kindly ask for your comments and suggestions. Please have a look at the keyboard section of the README-A320 file (you can also checkout the kernel code, compile and test it, at least until I release a new kernel binary).


  1. Seen no posts, juts wanted to say the keyboard mapping looks pretty good to me :)

  2. So, does this keyboard mapping solve the Y/B problem on the A320? Because I'm anxiously waiting a full release if so!


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