Monday, June 8, 2009

Dual boot documentation updated

Added what I found out so far from disassembly of the original firmware SPL, and some more thoughts on how to implement dual boot. Check it out here.

UPDATE 1: I hit an unexpected roadblock. I had u-boot working already on the A320, but the OOB format in the NAND area where the original firmware system loader is stored is rather unusual, if not completely nonstandard. That means I must study the SPL code a bit more to understand the format and modify u-boot to handle it (u-boot decides the OOB format on his own depending on the flash chip type).

UPDATE 2: main obstacle overcome. Now I know how ECC data is stored in the OOB area where the system loader is stored. Since it is non-standard I still have to modify u-boot to handle it. It's going to take a bit longer because u-boot is a bit "too smart" and autodetects NAND type, which means I have to either override it or implement special commands to manually force the NAND configuration.

UPDATE 3: done. Dual boot is working. I just need to clean up u-boot code a bit and prepare a binary and easy install instructions for end users.


  1. I have great expectations for your ability to overcome this road block. Continue the good work

  2. keep up the awesome work booboo :D
    have my support 100% :)