Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Disassembly of A320_PD27_ILI9325_RLS.dl posted

I've posted here the commented disassembly of the hardware initialization .DL file in the first unbricking tool (ILI9325 LCD model). I just started to work on the .DL file in the second unbricking tool just made available (ILI9331 LCD model), and should take not much long until we have the framebuffer back working in the latest A320s.

When I first read A600's comments about a required .DL file to initialize the LCD I remember to have though that it made no sense: it looked like this initialization code was being used only by the firmware upgrade tool, and thus you should be able to upgrade the firmware without the LCD working.

It turns out that the A320 boot process has many stages (IPL in ROM, SPL in the first 8K of NAND, and then the LCD initialization code). So, the .DL file is actually part of the firmware and is written to the flash during the firmware upgrade process. If you dump your NAND using the instructions in my previous post, you can find it at offset 0x4000C in the 2K dump file (size is DWORD at offset 0x40008).

BTW, thank you very much to those who have donated and to all who have encouraged me and expressed their support. This is fun, but your support makes it rewarding too. At this pace I might be ordering a new LCD model A320 and maybe an x760+ this week. If you would like some other JZ47xx based hardware to be supported, please let me know and I'll investigate it.

Update 1: work in progress on CCPMP_CFG_A320_LCM_FAIR_ILI9331_320_240.dl. So far everything as expected. No hardware changes and the ILI9331 register initialization sequence is identified. Just need to add code to the framebuffer driver and we should get it back working on the newest A320s.

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  1. Thank you for all the hard work, I hope my little donation helps.