Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some clarifications

  1. The zImages in the dual-boot installer packages are only for flashing. Do not use them as your main kernel, i.e. do not place them in the miniSD. Get your zImage separately from the downloads section on the google code project page.
  2. If your screen flashes, it means kernel panic. At the moment I have notice of this happening only in three scenarios: when you have done something wrong and the kernel cannot mount the ext2/ext3 root filesystem on the second partition of the miniSD, when it can mount it but there's no /sbin/init (or can't execute it), or when you unplug the USB cable in linux. The later is a bug in the serial USB gadget that is yet to be fixed.


  1. Another cause for kernel panic is when the root file system can be mounted, but does not contain /sbin/init.

  2. Oh well I fixed the problem bye not using the rootsfs files from openhandhelds and use the rootsfs from booboo`s google code site.. :) yeah

  3. O my... kernel panic again.... T_T